Rolling the new business in Denver

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So, it’s time to move onto Denver.  We’re going to open a small company there.  It will start small, but after some market analysis, we’re sure that it will be our biggest company due to the potential in the Denver market.  In and around Denver, there are more than 4000 restaurants and bars.  That is HUGE.  I was actually a little surprised by that number because I’ve not seen that high of a restaurant count in any other city that we’ve opened in.  So, all things point to some pretty amazing potential for our restaurant kitchen hood cleaning business in Denver.

So what I have learned so far about the competition in Denver is that one of the biggest hood cleaning companies there has 600 clients currently.  While that is a really big number, the potential to have a hood cleaning company doing business with 1000 or more restaurants would be very possible in Denver if the marketing is done well.  Again, to me, that’s some pretty exciting potential.

Restaurant hood cleaning corporate offices in DenverOur launch is on.  We’ve setup the website, setup phone lines, and have a temporary address in downtown Denver.

So what can we do to make this a faster launch?  Can we create a better marketing plan?  We already know what it will take to dominate in the search engines, but can we pick up more business there?

Along with the number of restaurants in the Denver area, we also noticed a large number of restaurant kitchen exhaust hood cleaning companies in the Denver area.  Maybe three times as many as we’ve seen in other markets.  And that’s great.  We really hope to knock it out of the park and find a good local company to share business with. If you’re reading this and you know a hood cleaning company in Denver that would enjoy doubling or tripling their business this year – we’d certainly look forward to meeting with them to outline our growth plans for Denver.