Hard Work And Patience – Video Short By Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk proves over and over that hard work and patience are the most important thing that allows you to win.  “You know why I’m here and you’re not?…  I out worked you.”

I first heard of Gary when I grabbed the audio version of his book ‘Crush it’.  I wasn’t familiar at all but the book had decent ratings on Audible – so I downloaded it so that I could listen to something new while I was out hiking.  I was hooked really quickly.  It was interesting because he talked about working in his parents liquor store as a kid.  He talked about bagging ice for hours.  Seemed so relatable for me. Because, in my early teen years, I worked in a liquor store and spent countless hours bagging ice and crushing cardboard boxes.

But, that was not what made me really groove on Gary V.  What really had my attention was his relentless drive.  I really felt that I had that same drive at 20 or into my 30’s, but this dude is hitting into his forties and still has it.  What an excuse killer.  So I listened.  And I listened again and again.  I shot him a note telling him that I appreciated his book and he shot me a note within minutes thanking me for thanking him.  Standup guy.  He then told me about his next book.  I looked forward to it.

Since then, I have devoured all of his books.  Crush it! remains my favorite, but I learn something new and have my attitude adjusted by the others too.  Recently I turned a friend of mine, Heidi, onto Crush it!  Heidi works for the best Reno Plumbers.  She really didn’t see how Gary’s writing related to her at first, but then she got the Gary V fire in her.  Now, she is bouncing ideas off me all the time.  She is thinking big and planning bigger.

So my point is this: check out Gary Vee and then outwork your competition.  You need to just get your shit together and do the work.