Concrete Sealing for Pavers in Las Vegas

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What I do for a living is quite unique and brings big challenges all the time.  I’m currently building a lead generation web site for concrete sealing and paver sealing.  So I’m building away and literally finding that my site Las Vegas Sealing is totally ranking within a very short period of time.  What happens next is truly a Devine intervention.  It’s as if someone upstairs was watching what I was working on as far as the concrete sealing part of my websites inventory.paver sealing las vegas

You see, I live in a guard gated community here in Henderson, NV just east of the Wildhorse Golf Course and west of the beautiful Sunset Station Casino and Hotel and the Galleria Mall.  It’s actually so centrally located that we are just minutes to the McCarran International Airport as well.  Recently, our HOA (Home Owners Association) put out bids to get our concrete sealing job done to several different concrete sealing companies here in Las Vegas.  We have several areas of stamped and decorated concrete that require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape with our desert climate here.  The community pool area is just getting a major overhaul including the plaster, tile and coping around the pool.  We figured it would be a great time to get a good concrete sealing on those pavers by the pool at this time.  Our community is over 22 years old and the pavers and concrete areas are in real need of a good pressure washing and concrete sealing job.concrete sealing las vegas

I went to a HOA board meeting and found out that they hired a local concrete sealing company to provide their services to our community.  Let’s say I felt totally lucky as I work from home and now the potential customers are coming to me.  Personally, I didn’t understand why we were doing concrete sealing in areas that haven’t been touched in over 2 decades, but I’m just excited that I have a warm lead.

The day that the contracted company showed up I quickly took the opportunity to go and introduce myself and tell them what I do.  It happened to be that I was actually talking to the owner of the concrete sealing company and he was seriously interested.  Of course, he was consumed with the duty of working on our project so I set up a time to meet him at our local Starbuck’s just down on Green Valley Parkway and Warm Springs.  It’s a quiet coffee place and plenty of areas to speak about his business and his future plans in private.  We also got to enjoy one of those way too expensive coffee drinks that everyone and their brother come to drink.

I feel fortunate to have this great opportunity that is literally handed to me in my own back yard.  We’re in negotiations while the site is ranking now and that is positive.  If you are reading this and you do concrete sealing services in the Las Vegas area, please reach out as I may end up working with you.

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