Charlie and Jenny’s wedding

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My uncle Charlie got married right before I left back home to Oregon, and he had a huge wedding. I’m family, so obviously I was invited. He rented a chalet up at Graeagle (pronounced GRAY-EAGLE) and we spent the weekend there, including Friday night. I hadn’t seen my cousins for a while up until then, so that was nice. I even shared a lodge with my mom, sister, and uncle Jason, which had its own hot tub and everything. It was actually the only one with a hot tub, so we got lucky. There was a pool with its own hot tub, but this one had lights and temperature control. This was only the second wedding I’ve been to where I was old enough to remember, with the last one being my sister Rebecca’s wedding in 2011.

playa vista day care

I was at Jason’s wedding and Charlie’s first wedding, but I was around four or five so I don’t remember much. My little cousins are 5 and 7 so we just swam and played the whole weekend. There was a little pond with a bunch of little kayaks and rowboats that all the little kids payed in. Overall there were about 50 kids and 150 adults. Unfortunately there was no cell reception, so I couldn’t watch Netflix or listen to music at night when I was too tired to play with the kids. Pets weren’t allowed at the lodge, so my aunt Gail had to leave a bunch of her dogs at the Doggie Day Care.The chalet had a lodge as well, and they had some gross looking wings that didn’t taste bad.

doggie day care

They just looked slimy and deformed, like something you’d see inside of a jar in a horror movie. Charlie got married on the last day before I left, and everyone stayed up and partied all night. This meant that the kids stayed up too and they were all exhausted and crying because they wanted to sleep with their dad but they couldn’t so we finally convinced my cousin Nathan to come with us. His older sister Avery wouldn’t concede, but she still wasn’t allowed to sleep with her dad, so I’m not sure where she ended up sleeping. Then the next morning Rebecca picked us up for the drive home to Reno, and she was not in a lazy mood for once.