Using a Professional Registered Agent Provider

A registered representative is the rep you call for obtaining the solution of a procedure or various other documents served upon a company. The registered agent appointment is a demand whenever you are submitting organization papers (or write-ups) to form … Continued

Dining in Miami

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Miami, Florida has so many restaurants to choose from that it is difficult to know which one to try. Here is an article that has some great suggestions. Each restaurant has pretty good ratings and their food is priced … Continued

Concrete Sealing for Pavers in Las Vegas

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What I do for a living is quite unique and brings big challenges all the time. I’m currently building a lead generation web site for concrete sealing and paver sealing. So I’m building away and literally finding that my site … Continued

Charlie and Jenny’s wedding

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My uncle Charlie got married right before I left back home to Oregon, and he had a huge wedding. I’m family, so obviously I was invited. He rented a chalet up at Graeagle (pronounced GRAY-EAGLE) and we spent the weekend … Continued

Rolling the new business in Denver

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So, it’s time to move onto Denver. We’re going to open a small company there. It will start small, but after some market analysis, we’re sure that it will be our biggest company due to the potential in the Denver … Continued

Fear or Fear Not.

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I was just listening to a podcast with Seth Godin. Deep into the interview, the interviewer asked Seth a simple question, “what do you fear?”. Seth gave an interesting answer, “I fear not doing what I do well. I don’t … Continued