Top Restaurants for Dining in Tampa

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Restaurants come and go in Tampa, because that’s just part of business. If restaurants don’t perform well, they’ll just run themselves into the ground faster. To make it easier on anybody looking for great restaurants in Tampa that aren’t going away any time soon, then keep reading. My mom used to be a restaurant critic, so she educated me in some of their ways. I’ll describe my first experiences with each place, so you can have a point of reference.

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First up is Bulla Gastrobar. This one’s for anyone who lives near Hyde Park and Parkland Estates in Tampa. If you’re not really familiar with gastrobars, they’re essentially just restaurants that serve higher-end food and drinks. The definition works in Bulla’s favor, because the amazing reviews aren’t lying when they call it a gastropub. A restaurant is nothing if they don’t serve good food. Bulla has no problems in this area, providing me with great food and great service.

I ordered their $15 bottomless mimosas, which were to die for. Bulla is also a great place for socializing, because they provide nice lighting and music so it’s a pleasure to be inside. When customers enjoy your restaurant before they even order, you know you’re doing something right. Bulla is more Latin-themed, but their menu offers a great variety of food for any palette.

I noticed that my table was squeaky clean before I sat down, which is a requirement if you want your restaurant to get high ratings. Some of the best places can still manage to miss little smudges on dishes and silverware, but you can tell the staff at Bulla really care about their customer’s experience. The restaurant was packed before I even sat down, which is always a good sign. Since then, Bulla has never ceased to amaze me with their service time and time again.

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Yeoman’s Cask & Lion is a great place for Tampa burgers, if you like eating amazing food that doesn’t cost insane amounts. They’re in downtown Tampa, but not as expensive as other nearby restaurants. To be honest, buffalo and coconut curry wings don’t really sound that good. After going back a few times, those are some of my favorite words to say out loud. I even tried to recreate their recipe at home but to no avail. You know a restaurant has good food when people try making it again at home. Yeoman’s Cask & Lion is also a super clean place.

Like, I was actively searching for something that wasn’t spotless. One time I asked the manager if they would let me take a peek at the kitchen, which most restaurants would probably hesitate to do. Yeoman’s Cask & Lion has nothing to hide. It looks like they have a maid come through each hour, cleaning all of their appliances and everything. I don’t really know a ton about this, but I’ve never seen an exhaust hood so clean!

Yeoman’s Cask & Lion definitely doesn’t skimp when it comes to Tampa Hood Cleaning services. If you’re still on the fence, let me ask you a few questions. Do you enjoy eating fresh food that tastes great and melts in your mouth? Do you want a burger that was made so perfectly, you could say it was crafted by a burger smith? If you checked one box, either box, or both, then head to Yeoman’s Cask & Lion in Tampa, Florida. I’ve never been disappointed, and you won’t be either. Afterwards, add your review to the big list of great reviews.

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Chez Faby sounds like the name of an Arabian prince, but is actually a terrific French restaurant in Tampa. Located in downtown Tampa, Chez Faby is enough to convert any non-believers to the French cuisine religion. There are a lot of people who don’t like French restaurants because they think the food is too expensive, the proportions are too small, or the food is gross because French people eat snails. I like to interrupt those kinds of people mid-sentence by bursting out laughing.

Tampa doesn’t really sound like greatest place to eat French food, but Chez Faby will bring the greatest French food with them no matter what town they’re in. I only ordered the escargot because I wasn’t super hungry, but my stomach somehow found room for more and more. I never had to wait long, no matter what I ordered, and decor was enough to pull me in and look around. Not a lot of places have art that makes you search around the restaurant for more.

The owner was very friendly, even coming to my table to make sure I was enjoying my meal during one of the restaurant’s busier times. I don’t know much French, but I’d learn some if it meant that I could chat with all the friendly waiters more. Good job, Chez Faby. I look forward to the next time I can eat escargot, honestly. Believe it or not, my great review was their first review. No joke. Next time I’ll probably take my food to go, however. The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park has always interested me and I’ve never been.

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Noble Crust sounds like they only serve pizza, but if you look at the menu they actually serve a wide variety of really great Italian food. Italian’s admittedly not my favorite, but that’s because I don’t eat at Noble Crust often enough. This one’s found in St. Petersburg, near Tampa. If you’re looking for a restaurant with good reviews, look no further. Tampa doesn’t have enough Italian restaurants, so Noble Crust is a nice change of pace from the typical themed restaurants.

My favorite dish of theirs is the chicken alfredo, but any one of Noble Crust’s pizzas is at a close second place. I actually dined there on the grand opening, which was super busy. The owner found me a spot, and I really appreciated that. All of the wait staff and chefs had their hands full, but they managed without skipping a beat.

I love a place that hires such respectful and responsible professionals. Throughout the night I had multiple requests, like when I forgot to ask for extra marinara and stuff like that. My waitress was really responsive, and even asked me if I needed anything else before she walked away. Amazing service and amazing food equal an amazing restaurant. There’s some quick math for you.